2018 / Prague, Lhotka / video performance

My Diploma Thesis called Homeing is an intergenerational dialogue between me and my father about what is the nature of home. This dialogue takes places on the background of the house which was built by my father. The father was a successful businessman and he spent many years building this house. Our family lived in the house only for two years and then we had to leave it because of the unfortunate circumstance. Nevertheless, the house has never became what we would call a “real home”. In the series of video performances I try to discover the reasons for this failure.

The first video performance is called "Homeing" and I perceive it as an introduction to the topic. It is an attempt to generally define the relation between a man and his house.

In the series of three subsequent video performances called Rock, Level and Fall, I examine several places in the house by my own body. I abandon the purpose for which these places were made for. I try to discover and unfold their poetic essence.

The installation is complemented by the recordings of acoustic images of individual rooms in an empty house. The character of the sound creates a constantly changing feeling of inhabited and not inhabited space.

The final video performance Ventilation reveals the overall view of the house and it is complemented by my father's commentary on how he was thinking about the construction of the house.

The motive behind my work can be described as a simple realization that the beginning of poetry is a feeling that we can't never feel like at home in the world and our destiny is to learn how to dwell.